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Rrrrealllllly nice man

The whole time I kept asking myself, why was he out there in the first place? I think that kind of bothered me, not knowing why he would go in the middle of no where like that? To fish for a weekend? Maybe if he made a comment to kind of explain why he was out there I wouldn't have been wondering the whole time. The suspense was great, but the ending kind of went downhill. I think it could have ended better, but it was still a great piece!


Def the best one out of all of them. Mahvil!

really nice

I like that you did like a complete Motion Graphics animation in Flash instead of After Effects. It came out well. You should try out AE for this stuff since it gives you a little more freedom and would let you travel and rotate in Z Space for more options during animating.

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Nice start, but all I did was hold down the S (Defend) button until I won. Defending should not hurt the other person, maybe if it was Counter that would make more sense. There should be a drawback to defending as well because right now I cannot get hurt while defending and I can out defend my opponents mana until they can no longer heal and slowly kill themselves. Has potential, but currently Defend is broken/OP.


This game is actually pretty awesome. It's simple, fun and i can see it getting very addicting. Would be nice to try and get some medals for it? It's good cuz it's a simple game that you play for high score, no levels, bosses etc. So there is no way to ever really beat it, just play to have fun and pass the time.


I watched the video before i played this so I knew what to expect. I can't believe all the hate on it b/c ppl are ADD, don't know how to read, or are not smart/careful. I can't believe how many people actually died in the beginning. All you have to do is try to stay alive then get a chuckle out of what happens when you press continue. No shit this game isn't made for the actual gameplay. And for the people who think they can never play this ever again (lol) just go to another computer or clear your browser stuff. Overall it was animated well and the controls worked fine for me. Yeah the gameplay was kind of boring, I just wanted to see how far I could get before I died. It was still better than a lot of the crap people post on newgrounds. Maybe newgorunds needs to add a third option that is for interactive movies. Maybe then less people would be crying right now that they couldn't play the whole game lol

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Nice job yet again

I really like the ones like this and Poetry. Keep on making more!

Sirhc7000 responds:

Thx man I appreciate it! Thanx for stickin by even even through my long ass hiatus haha.

I love this

I'm really not getting tired of it. It's so chill and i just bob my head when i listen to it. It's simple and addictive.

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this is really nice

Is it made out of wood?


I like the 1st one better tho. I think cuz you used the design left by the water color as the body and head, where as in this one the ink doesn't seem to match up in the same way. Still sick tho. Can't wait to see more!

nice stuff

i saw that FBF stuff you did in one of the threads. If that was for the game then this game will def look amazing!

Cope2K responds:

Thanks man, and yeah its for the game.

Bringing Life to the Inanimate.

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