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Posted by M-Shack - March 14th, 2010

Here is the thread for the NEW collab.
Here is Moarphs: Ins and outs.

Hopefully we can get more people to join. It is definitely going to be a tougher project, but will be awesome!

Posted by M-Shack - March 13th, 2010

Here is the thread.
Here is the first collab if you never saw it.

Hopefully we'll get more people this time and can make an even better collab.

Posted by M-Shack - March 13th, 2010

Moarphs 2: Transmorphers

What's the idea?
First, if you did not see or participate in Moarphs: Ins and Outs I suggest you do because it was really good and might help you understand this collab.

So we are making 2 things. One, everyone is making transforming animations that come from nothing (similar to the animations we did in Moarphs; In and Out) and Two, we are then turning those into a giant super awesome Robot/Mech/Transformer! Depending on how many people join, we may make either one Giant Robo, or 2-3 of em. I am also trying to work on my 3D modeling and rigging, so depending on how cool these things turn out, I may even try to make a 3D model of them and then do a short animation using our creation(s)! Thanks to TheBoogley for doing his Robo Duck thing which sparked the idea for this collab and thanks to Bezman for the name Transmorphers.
Right now we are keeping this on a white background, but if someone would like to make some kind of cool background to have while the transformations are going on and being put together, feel free to sketch up some things and send em to me. I was thinking maybe something that is kind of dark so it doesn't distract from the animations or something kind of spacey since a lot of the robot/transformers things tend to come from space.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for.
The Boogley's Duck from Moarphs: Ins and Outs
Beast Wars Anime
Dino Megazord
If you need more ideas, just go look up videos of Transformers, Beast Wars, Megazords, etc.

-READ EVERYTHING HERE and try to stay up to date with the most recent posts so you know if there are any changes to anything.
-ANYONE can participate. If you ask if you can join, I will ignore you... just join
-I will be allowing everyone to join the transforming part, but I know that the second part (robot) may be difficult for some, so that part may be a little more exclusive.
-If you need help, just ask and we will do our best to help you out
-Keep the subject matter clean
-These are to be in color, just don't go crazy using hundreds of different colors and shades (unless you know what you're doing and can make it work very well)
-IF you use any symbols of any sort, name them originally, do not leave them as shape1 or give them basic names. I do not want to have to go through a bunch of animations renaming the entire library. If you have a symbol and don't need it, then Break It Up (select it then hit ctrl+b). If you send me stuff that I have to edit, I will not be happy and will send it back to you.
-You WILL send me your fla named with YOUR name and it WILL contain your animation as a Graphic Symbol. No flas labled as Morph, 2223331Morph, Robot2, etc.
- I do not yet know about sound. I have a few transforming and robotic sounds on my computer, but I do not know if we can find enough to fit everyone's transformations.

- You are to select an image you want to create, it can be an animal, object, even a mech/robot(It can be organic or robotic)
- You are then to animate transforming onto the stage. You can have it come from off screen or have it come from nothing (like TheBoogley's Duck)
- Once you do this you will save a swf and post it on the dumping grounds, spamtheweb or if you have another easy to view site.
- From there I will direct you on what you need to fix or change, if it is good, THEN you can move onto step 2

Step 2
- You will request or I will assign you a body part for the mech/robot
- You are then to use the dimensions I give you to morph your image into that body part
- You are free to move/animate your image before you do so (Example: If I made a lion, I may want to have it Roar before it transforms into an arm)
-We will stick with the basics for now (head, torso, arms, legs). Depending on how many people we have, I may allow for additional parts such as weapons, wings, crotch plate (?) etc. If we get a lot of people then we will just stick with the basics and make more than one robo.

-Everyone will be credited in the swf, and the 9 Co-Authors will be decided on based on the quality of their work and if they were easy were to work with/contact. If you are not responding for a long time and I have no idea why, your chances will be lowered, if I see that you are really improving or did everything perfect and exact the first try, you will most likely be in. Also I may ask for someone to help out with the Loading and Menus, so that person will also be credited as one of the 9.

- 24 FPS
-no background
- 640x480
- AS2 (you shouldn't have any coding in there anyway, but just don't send me AS3 based files)

Due Date
-There is no due date as of right now. I am somewhat busy with a few things and I'm sure many of you are as well. So for now let's give this thing like a month (So April 3rd is when I want to try and have everyone's animations). Of course that is subject to change

Posted by M-Shack - March 10th, 2010

Like wtf man? The comedy pieces aren't even funny and are poorly made. I'm not saying my stuff should be there, but there is definitely a lot better things that could go on the front page. No wonder so few people actually try to be original, all the crap get's praised by people who want to be praised as well and cause an endless cycle. It's like all you need to get up there is do a shitty FBF animation(cuz apparently any fbf animation equals skill -_-) and relate it to a video game or copy exact lines from other comedy things...

The Katan one is great, but the others are mediocre at best or just done by someone "famous" so everything they make gets front paged.

Posted by M-Shack - March 8th, 2010

So I got a pretty cool idea for a second version ofMoarphs. So stay tuned, I may be posting it towards the end of the week or next week once I get my examples together for the participants to know what to do. It WILL be different, so i hope people don't get mad or whatever saying that it's not like the first one. :/

Posted by M-Shack - February 25th, 2010

Woot!, we made it to the weeks best! Good job to everyone everyone who participated. Since the Collab got a good response, a second one might be on it's way in the near future. So if you're interested post here or message me. It will be a little tougher, but definitely better!


Posted by M-Shack - February 20th, 2010

Posted by M-Shack - January 28th, 2010


Posted by M-Shack - January 25th, 2010

The collab is on it's way! Just gathering everyone's animations together. Should be up sometime next week I hope. Depends on how long it takes people to get me their final versions.

Posted by M-Shack - January 19th, 2010

submissions for my collab
Feel free to comment or join the collab

One of my...